Consulting, consultancy, planning:

Consultations in the scope of the study of commercial markets,
Capital advisory,
Public opinion research,
Selling advisory,
Business consulting and business management.

Advertising, promotion, marketing:

Optimization and implementation of advertising campaigns,
Design, planning and placement of advertisements in print media, radio, television, the Internet and other media,
Design, planning and placement of outdoor advertising - in the form of billboards, panels, display cases, balloons and advertising airships, window exhibitions, advertisements in means of transport, etc.,
Distribution and delivery of folders and advertising samples,
Creation of stands and other constructions, as well as exhibition places.

Company address:

ul. 3 Maja 22/2c
40-096 Katowice

Company's data:

NIP: 6321383568
REGON: 277898259
Account number in Alior Bank: 14 2490 0005 0000 4500 6255 3098


Krzysztof Grzybek

Acquisition / Sales Representative

As your salesman or sales representative, I can acquire customers or collect orders for the delivery of your goods or services, without the possibility of having financial obligations on your behalf. Signing contracts for the delivery of products or services is up to you, the service provider or the manufacturer I would represent.

Please send your offers to: with the subject of the message: Sales representative.

When shipping the acquisition/exhibition product, please choose a reliable courier. FedEx is the company preferred by me.

All this is available in the country with 40 milion population, with access to Western and Eastern European markets, and trading contacts with the USA.